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  CH.CV gear serise deceeerators
  WB series of micro cycloldal reducer
  MB series variable reducer
  F3 gear series deceeerators
  PL precision planetart gear boxes
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Characteristics 性能特点
Low backlash 低回程间隙
High output torque 高输出扭矩
High efficiency(96%) 高效率(96%)
Ratios i=3:10000 減速比 i=3:10000
Lownoise 低噪音
High quality 高质量
Any mounting position 任意安装位置
Easy motor mounting 简易的电机安装
Life time lubrication 终身润滑
More options 更多的选配方式
Completely molduar 高度模块化
Features And Technial Data
1、Sectional drawing/ordering code
2、PL series precision planetary gear boxes technical data
3、PL/OP1 free input shaft planetary gear boxes dimensions
4、PL/OP2 possible motor mounting dimensions
5、PL□K hollow shaft gear boxes dimensions
6、PL□P plate output gear boxes dimensions
7、PL series precision planetary gear boxes mounting instruction
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